Character Creation

All Character add Armor Proficiency (Light) to their Starting Feats

All Character have the Armored Defense Talent from the Soldier’s Armored Specialist Talent Tree.

Heroic Characters do not start with only with half the starting amount of hit points. This is due to the new shield mechanic. Click here for more on shields

  • Noble: 18 + Constitution Bonus is now, 9 + Constitution Bonus
  • Scoundrel: 18 + Constitution Bonus is now, 9 + Constitution Bonus
  • Scout: 24 + Constitution Bonus is now, 12 + Constitution Bonus
  • Soldier 30 + Constitution Bonus is now, 15 + Constitution Bonus

At Character Creation you may drop a specified starting feat and replace it with the Biotic Implant feat.

  • Noble: Linguist
  • Scoundrel: Point Blank Shot
  • Scout: Shake It Off
  • Soldier: Weapon Proficiency (Rifle) and Armor Proficiency (Medium)

Career Path: Instead of choosing a destiny, a character chooses a career path, that allows them access to certain power, and other benefits.

  • Soldier: A tough warrior, able to deal with both ranged and melee combat.
  • Engineer: A tech specialist, able to manipulate the environment or repair or modify equipment.
  • Adept: A biotic specialist, Able to affect the world with the control of mass effect fields.
  • Vanguard: A powerful combatant, they combine the offensive power of the soldier and adept into deadly force.
  • Infiltrator: A tech-savvy warrior, they quickly disable and kill their enemies.
  • Sentinel: Combining tech and biotics, they manipulate their environment, disable enemies, and defend the party.

Character Creation

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